The Overview on the Best Baking Books on Deserts

Dessert is the most famous item for every food menu. A meal is just incomplete without dessert. So, there is always a trend of inventing new recipe of dessert. Even making dessert at home is a very common thing nowadays. Cook books work as a mentor in this regard. It’s very important to follow a book while trying to make something new. It provides the proper knowledge that can be helpful and can make the dessert more delicious.

Yogurt as a baking ingredient

Yogurt is not just a dairy item used in making desserts; it also has a quality to replace high fat ingredients. Low fat yogurt can perform as the substitute of low fat ingredients. It’s unique in giving a creamy texture in baked foods and also it contains high protein and calcium. Heavy fat is very harmful for diet. So, when you want to cut down the extra fat nothing can be better than yogurt to bake your food. Yogurt can perform very well as an ingredient while baking cookies, brownies, cakes and muffins.


Some Famous Books on Baking Desert

There is always a trend to follow books while making something new. Some famous books are:

  1. Baking Bread Old and New Tradition:

This book is written by Beth Hensperger. This book is very famous for giving the insight of baking sweet bread. Home baked bread has a realistic taste, a sense of freshness and exclusive flavour. This book gives a basic idea of bread baking.

  1. Ready for desert:

This book is by David Lebovitz and the writer is passionate about his love for dessert which reflects throughout the whole book. If you are in love with chocolate cakes then this book can give you the best recipes of making chocolate cakes in different ways and style. Tasty recipe with healthy ingredients and mainly using yogurt as a baking component!

  1. Tarts and Pies:

The author of this book is Philippa Vanstone and the writer has a focus on pies. Pie is one of the most authentic desserts ever. From a child to an old man everyone is just a fan of this dessert. Homemade tarts and pies comparing to that of outside ones are healthier. So while making it at your home this book can guide you very well.


  1. Indulge:

The writer of this book Claire Clark is a famous chef and she is very much conscious about the contemporary taste. This book mainly gives the recipe of pastry making. Pastry is one of the popular desserts all over the world. This book is a blend of old and classic recipes of making pastry with a unique flavor.

  1. Baked, New Frontiers in Baking:

Baking is the key method of making dessert. Matt Lewis, the writer of this book is very crafty in this manner to introduce the different ways of baking. The focus of this book is chocolate chips cookies. Baking is the key method for making cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, brownies and so on. Baking desserts are all time special activity for all.

So, while baking a good desert, a book always gives a perfect guideline for cooking. Cooking a good food always gives a pleasure to foodie and a ‘feel good’ feeling for the cook. So, choosing a good cook book is very essential to make a good food.

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